Total Creative Freedom

Why MODX is our preferred choice of website content management software for all new customer websites that we design.

What CMS?

We often get asked by potential clients what CMS we use and why. This article will highlight just some of the main reasons...

Easy to use

The feedback we receive from our clients is always excellent, compared to other CMSs they have used. MODX lets you update, amend or upload new content, pictures, audio or visual links to your website wherever and whenever you wish. The main benefit MODX provides is ease of use, as the admin interface (manager) has been purpose built for the task. Meaning there's no need for any outside technical assistance. It's your content, your way, when you want to add it.

We first discovered MODX around 2008 and knew straight away we’d found something pretty special.

Blank Canvas

Since we have complete control over what is output, MODX is a blank canvas for our own creative vision. MODX is so flexible we can create exactly the website we want, without compromise. MODX can handle multiple websites in multiple languages and can be configured to handle millions of visitors.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important considerations when building a website. MODX helps us to build clean and tight, semantic HTML/CSS websites with minimal code/markup that load quick and perform very well in search engines. After all, if our clients websites can’t be found via search, then it’s all for nothing.

If a website is designed and developed correct in the first place, a HUGE expense for SEO is not required later.

Safe and Secure

If you've ever had your website hacked, you will know it's not a pleasant feeling. MODX has security at its core. Each input is filtered or inserted into the database via the API which eliminates potential breaches such as SQL injection and other common hacks that make other CMSs vulnerable.

Given that a solid backup plan is a necessity to running a successful website. As an extra layer of security, we choose to host all of our MODX websites in the cloud with http://www.modxcloud.com. So that all of our client websites have access to, 7-day rolling automatic backups, that are saved daily to an online vault.

With a few easy steps we can have a website restored in minutes.


MODX has an active community of more than 37,000 friendly, helpful and supportive folks from all over the world. In our opinion, it is this army of geeks that make MODX the best content management solution available.

For total creative freedom, visit http://www.modx.com.

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