Social Boost

The importance of Google+

To many website owners, Google's social platform is still somewhat of an enigma. However, Google+ is worth closer consideration

Not just another social platform

Google+ should be taken seriously as a major social media channel, given that it integrates with already popular Google products that include, Google Places and Google Maps. More importantly, Google+ is quickly becoming an important factor in Google's Search ranking algorithm.

As a result, using Google+ can be highly beneficial for your brand's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts. Helping to improve the reputation of your website as a credible business for customers who are searching the internet for products or services that you offer.

Google+ carries significant weight in terms of SEO, therefore, it's not just another social platform.

Social Boost

As with any social media channel, it's important to actively post relevant and valuable information, rather than just creating it and leaving it inactive. However, with Google+ this is so much more important. Every time someone interacts with your Google+ page or hits the +1 (like) button on any of your posts, the search engine ranking for your brand's website on Google Search, will receive a well earned boost.

Who's circles are you in?

Not only is Google+ great for search ranking, it also provides Circles (social networking) a key part of Google+. With Circles you may control who sees what you share, this allows brand owners to segment people into groups and share tailored marketing content with a specific audience, instead of your entire social network.

Another completely unique feature of Google+ is Hangouts, which enables group meetings, discussions, or demonstrations.


Google+ is an amazing tool. If your inclination is to stay away from it, a little research will make you understand quickly that you can leverage the tool effectively so that your brand gets elevated to even greater heights.

If you haven’t made Google+ a part of your social media marketing strategy yet, now is the time to seriously consider it.

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