Responsive Web

Websites don't just sit on a desktop

Accessing the web has evolved. More customers will now visit your website on any number of devices. Is your website device responsive?

Which Device?

Therefore, the big question is whether to opt for a separate mobile website or to develop a single responsive or adaptive website optimised to work across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Mobile Website

Having a separate mobile website used to be the natural choice, but as it involves developing a completely separate website, it can be costly, not only to set up, but also to maintain.

Responsive Website

Device Responsive websites are built to suit the device the user is browsing on. For the user this means not having to pinch-zoom into the screen and keep sliding around the view port in order to read and interact. This technique can mean users are presented with the same website content and functionality regardless of what platform they’re on – which may be preferable to presenting a cut-down version of a website for the mobile user.

Try browsing this website on your smartphone or tablet and you’ll see straight away that everything fits perfectly on the screen for legibility.


Wondering whether a responsive website is right for your business? We specialise in building websites that are just as brilliant for mobile as they are for the desktop. This gives all website visitors an optimal user experience, whatever the device.

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