Lost Online

Getting lost doesn’t have to be boring!

Potential customers may land on to your website's 404 error page for a variety of different reasons. Make sure it's spectacular.

What is a 404 error page

A 404 error page is probably one of the most visited pages for many websites. It's what a visitor to your website will see if a website address for a page on your website has been mistyped in the browser, or a broken or truncated link on a website page or email message has been clicked, or even if the website page has been either moved or deleted.


We’ve all encountered the frustrating bog-standard internal error message from the server ‘Error 404 – Page not found’. Which isn’t very appealing; no branding and more importantly, not very helpful. Sometimes, website visitors may attempt to manually correct the website address, click the back button, or worse, navigate away from your site — a great way to lose a potential clients/customers.

Enhance your brand

To help improve the quality of the internet and at the same time, lessen the inconvenience caused to your website visitors, a well designed custom 404 page ( this is ours ) can provide a great way for them to find what they were looking for, connect with your brand or simply to redirect them back to your homepage or sitemap.

Please refer to this article should you need further details about how you set up your server so that your website can serve a custom 404 website page. Alternatively, we are always available to give a helping hand.

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