Digital Signage

Your website should be more than just online.

Your website must be designed to adjust to customer needs with lightning speed. Broadcasting up to the minute information, into a physical space.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage, sometimes called 'narrow casting', is when you use a monitor, television or kiosk screen to broadcast into a physical space. This can be anything from: sales, call to actions, news, social media posts etc.

The digital signage industry is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the world, with many companies employing this 'physical space media' to relay captivating information at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience.

Digital signage has a far higher impact than static media, like posters or billboards. The digital signage market is expected to grow 150% within the next year.

Digital signage displays are used by retail stores, restaurants, hotels, corporate entities, and public transportation, to display advertising or other relevant content with a common objective of delivering targeted messages. Digital signage maximizes the impact of your message and allows you to reach your audience more effectively and profitably. That is why digital signage has a far higher impact than static media, like posters or billboards. In a way, digital signage is the successor of traditional media such as these.

Digital Signage can be as complex or as simple as you like, scaling from control of one, two or three screens, up to however many you can handle, whilst zoning features allow you to send the same content to multiple screens or to just a handful.

Content can be scheduled by the day, hour or even minute and tailored to suit different times of the day and types of customer.  Different types of content can be displayed on the same platform - often at the same time. Digital signage enables the distribution of an infinitely greater amount of information - at no extra cost.


All you need to start displaying Digital Signage is a TV and a reliable piece of hardware with a Wi-Fi connection and a browser. An Asus Chromebit is a perfect fit for this. Connect it via a HDMI port on your TV and you're all set!

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